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Good Things are Happening!!!

Good things continue to happen here in Exodo.  The Transition Home for the young men is open and they are loving it!!!  We currently have three young men living there full-time and one who lives there on weekends as the distance for his works does not permit him to live there every day.  All of […]

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Transition home for the Older Boys

We have very exciting news!!!! Construction has begun on the transition home for our teenage boys. They will be able to learn to live on their own while still under the umbrella of Exodo. They will either work or go to school (or both) and then manage their own house. They will cook, clean, and […]

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Dinner Party With Our Graduates

  Our dear children Jocelyn, Karla, Tania, Juan, Julianna and Berenice, now graduated from High School, met with Exodo Staff and with Patricia de Parras (Exodo Home’s founder) to share a nice dinner. They are now working, and having independent lives! They surely make us proud. They came to live with us at the home […]

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Welcome to Our New Kids at Exodo Home

In 2015 we have welcomed 11 children that came from different places of El Salvador.  Some of them came recently and in need of a lot of prayer, because they are sad and confused. When new kids come for the first time, the other children show them their new house and their new bed and […]

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Transition House

    Our little girls have become beautiful women that have dreams and hopes for a bright future. We want to help them and we thank our Lord for touching the hearts of our friends that donated the money we needed to build the Girl’s Transition Home, now fully furnished for Gabriela, Morelia, Estela and […]

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New entrepreneurs in Exodo Home

It is our hope that our children have all the necessary tools for their development as independent young adults and beneficial to our country. That’s why our beloved Anita, Estela, Manuel and Geremías graduated after 4 months of learning about the important topic “Entrepreneurship”. The four youngsters selected for this workshop were excited each week […]

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