Our Mission

We are a Christian nonprofit organization created to restore the lives of children who have been abandoned by their loved ones. Through a model of excellence our children are provided with physical and emotional care, education, vocational skills, social and spiritual support in a family environment where our children call it home.


Photo for the HISTORYIt was pouring rain that night, twenty-one years ago, when my family and I were out for a family evening. We ran for coverage waiting for the rain to subside, when I felt a light pull on my skirt. I looked down, and I saw a little boy about 4 years old with his hand extended asking for some coins. Surprised by the child I said, “What in the world are you doing out in the street at this hour of the night?” The little boy did not answer as he was scarred, and withdrew himself from me. I then  noticed a cardboard box behind him where his brother, a small baby was sleeping. My heart ached that rainy night and I knew I had to take action. I began to pray asking God, to show me a way to help the children that were lost and abandoned.

This is the testimony of Patricia Parras founder of  the Exodo Home. The answer was the start of  the Exodo Foundation, a home for girls and boys that have been abandoned or brought in by the government.

Photo for the HISTORY (2)We started in 1996 by renting a small house in the city for boys, and soon after we were able to rent a second home for girls. The success of our homes in city was followed by an immense blessing of a donation of 22 acres of land in Olocuilta. Along with the help of local donors and American friends, we were able to built four houses, a well, and a water processing plant for our children on our new property. We moved the children to the extensive grounds where the children have more than enough room to play and grow in a healthy and loving environment, surrounded by the beautiful nature El Salvador has to offer.

Board of Directors

  • Mercedes Patricia Lazo de Parras – President
  • Daniel Alejandro Parras – Secretary
  • Carlos Eduardo Saade Hasbún- Treasurer
  • Lilian Ruth Zelaya Panting – 1er Director
  • Luis Henriquez Cohen- 2º Director
  • Mercedes Regina Bonilla Andreu- Alternate Director
  • German Alfredo Castro Chacon – Alternate Director