Good Things are Happening!!!

Good things continue to happen here in Exodo.  The Transition Home for the young men is open and they are loving it!!!  We currently have three young men living there full-time and one who lives there on weekends as the distance for his works does not permit him to live there every day.  All of the young men are studying and going to classes.  One young man, Manuel, was accepted into one of the top universities this year, with a scholarship, to study architect.  This has been his dream for many years and partly because of the transition home allowing him to stay in Exodo, his dream is becoming a reality.

Our children have now started the new school year and we were able to place some of our children who have difficulties learning, in another special school.  The cost is a bit higher than the previous school, but I know if we take care of the Little Ones, God will provide what we need to do that.  We want to give to them every opportunity to learn and grow with all the other children.

The children are growing spiritually as well as our pastor and his wife continue to lead the children and caregivers in devotionals and services on Sunday.  The bonding that is taking place between the pastor and his wife with the children is wonderful to see.  We are focusing on building relationship in the lives of our children.  But not just any type of relationships…we want to build relationships that have meaning and that will last.

In 2017, we have many plans to update things in the homes. When you have 50 kids and 6 houses, that requires a lot of maintenance.  Please pray for us to use wisdom in what gets priority and for the funding to be there for the essential repairs.  We continue to look for ways to better the lives of the chidden and offer them every opportunity we can afford.  They continue with their music lessons and bakery classes, and we would like to add more opportunities for them.  Thank you for always keeping our children in your thoughts and prayers.