Welcome to Our New Kids at Exodo Home

Niños nuevos 2015 (1)In 2015 we have welcomed 11 children that came from different places of El Salvador.  Some of them came recently and in need of a lot of prayer, because they are sad and confused.

When new kids come for the first time, the other children show them their new house and their new bed and give them a small toy, the kids are very good making new kids feel welcome and safe. Then grownups show lots of love and patience through the adaptation process.

Some of the kids are culturally delayed not knowing very basic things like how to use a toilet, or how to eat with a fork and knife, so care takers’s work is crucial for the kids to feel at home and belonging.

During the first week we take all the new kids to the doctor and to have tests, to ensure they are in good health or to have them treated inmediatelly, being the usual problems lices, parasites, or malnourishment.

Psicologists evaluations follow to make sure we do everything we need to have the kids in emotional stability as soon as possible, and also to prevent failure at school due to learning problems.

There is lots of work, and we don’t have a day similar to others, but with the financial support and prayers of our friends, we can change the future of our children.

Please pray for God’s protection for : Emilia, Clelia, Isela, Tania, Angela, Juan, Eucaria, Edwin, Donaldo, Alfredo and Azucena. And for Wisdom and Patience for all of us working in Exodo Home.