Juan Carlos

juan Carlos

Juan Carlos came to live with us when he was 8 years old. He was a very active boy, liked to play soccer, and enjoyed the same small things little kids like. With adolescence, he struggled and many times, we had to talk to him, to pray with him and for him, so he could deal with the emotional turmoil of sadness and confusion left by his parent’s abandonment.
Juan Carlos left Exodo Home two months ago, he is 19 years old now and he is about to graduate from High School. He said he needed to be independent and we had to let him go. We helped him to stablish in the city and to get a job at the business of a friend of the Foundation. We took him to the groceries store to teach him how to buy his groceries, and we talked to him about his finances.
Now he is away, but he will always be part of Exodo. We miss him, but we keep in touch. His boss told us the other day that he is being very responsible and a good worker. We hope we will help him achieve his goal: to become an Aviation Mechanic.
Juan Carlos’s life changed because God protected him and brought him to Exodo Home. Let us continue praying for Juan Carlos, so he can act with wisdom in his life and makes the best decisions, the decisions that honor GOD.