Mary Breaks Her Chains

Maria and her siblings came to live at Exodo Home when she was 8 years old. Her mother was in jail because she was selling drugs on the street. Her father was killed due to criminal activities related to their occupation. Therefore, the police came and brought the children to live in our home. They had been living in extreme poverty, and had never attended school.

Because her mother would drink alcohol when she was pregnant, Mary and her siblings suffered from various health problems, and learning problems, paying attention and following directions was very difficult to them. Therefore, they received personalized attention from a teacher at home, and educational therapies. There were many vicissitudes for Maria, emotional crisis resulting from the family disintegration. Her relationship with God was limited by her anger and resentment toward her parents so we would constantly prayed so the Lord would free her from those chains that did not allowed her to develop her true potential. Our God always loving and faithful answered our prayers.

Mary left home when she became 20 and she is now studying to become a lawyer, she is working to support herself and she continues in God’s ways.